• Standard bolie bulk deal!

    We offer a sliding scale price on boilies of -/-10% at-6-14 bags, -/- 15% at 15-20 bags and-/-20% at 21 bags or more. And free shipping in the Netherlands, Belgium and France at a total orders over €108,-.

  • “Specialized inbaits for the selective angler”

    A range appropriate to its operation, commitment and attractiveness. An exclusive back to basics mentality, no fuss, but quality of ingredients used and quality in catches.

  • New! SQUID-S

    The smell of the Squid-S comes from the ingredients and from the original squid and scopex aroma’s. A bait which responds to the taste senses of the carp

  • Bait rolling since 1992

    CG Baits develops its baits not only for fishermen, but especially in cooperation with fishermen. Feedback is crucial and we therefore appreciate it very much.

  • CG Baits, now also specials for commercial waters!

    CG Baits turned the growing demand for good bait for commercial waters into a super rich range specifically for commercial waters, where white fish at barely present. Ask for it via our contact page.


In most cases your bait should be delivered within:

Netherlands: 3 working days
Belgium : 3-4 working days
France: 4-5 working days
Spain: 5-6 working days
Portugal: 6–8

We would advise you to check your delivery status frequently as we will provide you with your track and trace code as soon as we we ship your order.

If you are experiencing any issues with your order, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our upmost best to resolve the issue. For any shipping issues please contact info@cgbaits.nl and use your track and trace code in the subject field.

We don’t have a big warehouse full of stock, as we try to provide our bait as fresh as possible. In some cases this might result in a certain flavour or size not being in stock. Therefore we commit to a 3 week delivery time, to cover extreme cases.

CG Baits intro

CG Baits a company that specializes in suppling carp baits for the specimen-hunter. We supply a range that has been selected for it’s response, application and attractiveness. An back to basics mentality, no whistle and bells/no fancy stuff, but quality ingredients for quality captures.




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At CG baits we find the quality and attraction of our bait really important, but equally so the application of the bait. We also supply bait that is specifically developed for commercial waters. We would happily provide you with the guidance on what bait to apply to your chosen venue. Our goal is for you to have confidence in your bait, so feel free to reach out to us.

Our products should be kept in a dark, dry and cool place to retain it’s freshness/quality.

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