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Match Fishing

CG Baits has a number of products that are specifically used in the fishing competition. With this special competition range, optimum results can be achieved with optimum deployment. Read per product how you apply it to your bait.

Coarse Fishing

CB Baits also has an extensive coarse fishing range. Because why limit our knowledge only for carp fishing? We would like to introduce you to these unique products.

Compiled and tuned to commercial waters, competitive fishing or to fine tune your bait.

Are you ready for your season?

CG Baits gives you honest advice. We are there for you if you have specific questions, but the basis can be found at CG Advice bet bait. So take a look or mail us with your question.


Our Unique Selling Points

Countries available

Unique boilie flavours

unique products



Our products


Our boilies can be stored in a dark, dry and cool place.

One-time freezing can also be used to further extend the shelf life.


The buoyancy is good and long-lasting, even after adding liquids. But do you want 100% certainty? Then use our PU boosters.


In all flavors of the range, throw stick resistant. Remains on the hair for up to 48 hours under good conditions. Do you want them harder; let them air dry for a while.


Based on the boilies. Steady on hook size 6.


Lumen Range

The green glow is an optical attractor for the fish. Available in liquid thick form for hook bait, or as Soak through your bait. The powder form creates a beautiful mucus layer around your hook bait. Tip: don’t forget to wipe your hook …

Ground baits

A selective diversity of ground foods for the white fisherman and carp fisherman. From mixes to pellets, but only where we are convinced that they work well.

Dips and Liquids

A large assortment of selected dips and liquids from your own kitchen is at your disposal. Selected for attraction and in the flavors of the range or with a specific ingredient.

Match fishing

A selection of unique products for competitive fishing. Don’t you want to miss it? Grab your chance at that podium place and make the difference with CG Baits.

Coarse Fishing

CG Baits also has a number of wonderful products for coarse fishing. Why limit yourself when playing with ace offers that little bit extra?

Free Shipment

If you spend € 125, – we will ship your order for free within the Netherlands, Belgium and France!


Normally your order would be delivered by us to the carrier within 2 working days.
Delivery at home then takes place according to the delivery times of the carrier.

Team CG Baits

Our products are made based on knowledge of ingredients, but mainly based on feedback from fishermen. Our own team members are important, but also our customers. Fishing is a passion for many and CG Baits shares that passion and has a passion for bait. So tell us if you have feedback or ask us if you want to know something.


If you want to catch your fish in the densely populated Netherlands with all its waterways, you have to be tenacious, creative and inspired. Meet TEAM CG NL


Vive la France … A beautiful large country, with beautiful nature and especially serious piglets. You think you are in no man’s land, fairyland or urban waterways … Our CG Team France can advise you.


They fish a bit different then here, big bait enthusiasts. Lovely to your neck in the water under a blistering sun. And what a wonderful specimens they have there! Do you want information, advice or advice? They are ready for you!

CG TEAM Germany

Starting but not to be underestimated. CG Baits is moving foreward, also in Germany.


Portugal is served by our Spanish distributor, but Joao has been our team member from Portugal for many years.

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