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Nothing is more difficult than to give advice on how to use bait. In addition to the many factors that you must consider, a lot is in the mind of the fisherman.

You must be at the edge of the water with confidence, but you also have your own preferences.  AND be honest… when a number of factors go wrong for a short period and you blank, you start wondering if you are fishing with the right bait, equipment, or even at the right time. Blanking is normal when you fish and happens to us all every now and then. We produce bait that you can use throughout the year and in all circumstances.

To make your choice easier, we have a small selection of products for you. Is your choice not mentioned? No problem, we will try to help you with some tips on where and when you can use our baits. But let’s be clear. You are the one sitting on the bank, you prepared your rigs, looked for the right spot and prepare your bait with either our products or those of others. Fortunately, there is no guarantee in the fishery, you just need to believe and sit with confidence!

Catch and release!

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We recommend that you go as richly as possible for commercial waters. Unless a lot of white fish is present. A smaller diameter is also our advice.
Start soaking your bait a few days before your departure and repeat it again upon arrival. You can always further enrich your bait by adding a small amount of stick mix and pellets.


Each boilie of our range is suitable. It depends a lot on your fishing. A richer bait will yield more additional catches, but is great for a short instant session or small short-term session. In addition, richer bait is easier to find if you are suffering from many weeds.

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Do not overfeed in the winter. You saturate the carp and the chance that he then catches your hookbait becomes very small.
When you have located your fish and selected the right spot, you can fish immediately with a rich bulb. However, if you still want to feed, then feed at least and with a somewhat sparse bulb.
At the time of fishing you can still soak your bulbs extra with the accompanying booster for the attraction.

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