About us

CG Baits stands for high end quality baits for a reasonable price. Baits that is developped based on years of feedback of experienced carp anglers. This feedback is used to continuesly improve our bait. Fishermen differ a lot in their fishery and fish different waters, from big to small, from river to canal, from virgin waters to circuit waters and another is experienced in fishing difficult commercial waters. This give CG Baits a clear view on which boilies can be used best on which waters and under which circumstances.

We do not make the golden boilie that always catches the carp. We do however make baits with high quality ingredients, that in the by us offered composition will enhance eachother as much as possible. Bait that will not lose their attraction due to the productionproces or usage.

We furthermore produce our bait according our own recipe at an by the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority certified producers. This gives you the security that our bait meets the mandatory quality demands.

Catching carp is a combination of many factors. We try to have our bait connect to these factors as much as possible and if possible influence a factor.

When you have fun fishing, when you have enjoyed your fishingtrip and sat with confidence on the bank landing some beautiful carp, we have achieved our goal. Whether your goal was to catch the biggest, or the one you caught years ago or just a memory of an amazing landing.

We gladly invite you to try and check out our bait range and let you decide.

We love to hear your experience and feedback, zo feel free to contact us or share your catches on our facebook page or tag us on instagram #cgbaits.


In short our way of working and what CG Baits is all about:

  • Good interaction between carp anglers and CG Baits on product area.
  • CG Baits is open to feedback and, where possible, to improve the products.
  • Flexible bait with great resulta.
  • CG Baits knows which bait or combinations can be best used under which circumstances so you can use the bait result oriented.
  • CG boilies can be stored, provided in a dark and cool place, 3 months outside the freezer. A perfect solution for foreign trips or longer sessions.
  • The boilies can be frozen like any freezerbait to extend the shelf life.

Last but not least a favourable price. Not only measured in price quality ratio, because quality of the bait is an absolute must!  But just top quality at a very attractive price.


De man achter CG Baits – Chris Gabriële

CG Baits arose from my passion for bait and CARP fishing combined with my job as a product developer in the food industry. My job meant the possibility to establish contacts with companies in the food industry and in the animal feed and aquaculture.At a later stage, through the contacts that I gained through my work as a product developer, I came in contact with companies that had well-known English bait companies as their customers.

Since I was 7 years old i have been fishing for carp. In 1988 I started to develop my own bait. As a result I was asked in 1989 by Premier Baits to provide some raw materials. After this among other things I have given the kick off as a freelance bait developer for the baitrange of JRC. In 1992 I started Octopusbaits. A trading company in raw materials and ingredients for both the Netherlands and abroad. I sold my own brand of boilies on a small scale privately. In 2007 Octopusbaits got the new name Watersense and it performed very well. Because I still wanted to continue working with baits as a hobby, I sold Watersense in 2011. But blood is thicker than water so I started with CG Baits again. I was involved in Team Frank Warwick and I want to continue to share my knowledge and experience via CG Baits.

Chris Gabriële