CG Baits is a company that specializes in bait for the selective fisherman. A range that is tailored to its operation, usage and attractiveness. An exclusive back to basics mentality, no fuss, but quality of used ingredients and quality in catches.

At CG Baits we think bait is important, but especially how and when you use the bait! We have also further focused on specialized bait for commercial waters and match fishing. At CG baits we can advise you on which bait you can use where and when, but the bottom line is that you are at the bank with confidence.


At CG Baits we think bait is important, but especially how and when you use the bait! We have also further focused on specialized bait for payment waters and competitive fishing. At CG baits we can advise you on which bait you can bet where, but the bottom line is that you are on the waterfront with confidence. Our products must be stored in a dark, dry and preferably cool place to guarantee their optimum performance. CG Baits stands for high-quality bait for a reasonable price. Bait developed based on years of feedback from experienced carp anglers, white anglers and competitive anglers. We use this feedback to constantly improve the bait. Fishermen differ a lot in their fishing and fish in different waters, this gives CG Baits a clear picture on which waters and fisheries certain boilies and additives can be used properly. We do not make golden balls that always catch. We do, however, make bait with high-quality ingredients, which in the composition we offer will reinforce each other as much as possible. Which will not lose their effect due to the production process or use. We also produce our bait according to our own recipe at NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Authorities) certified producers. This gives you and us the assurance that we can meet the required quality requirements.


When you enjoy fishing, when you have enjoyed your fishing trip, sat by the water with confidence and have drilled some nice fish, then we have achieved our goal. Whether your goal was the biggest fish, the one that you caught years ago or just a memory of a beautiful drill.
We would like to invite you to give our range a try and leave it up to you to judge for yourself.

Just a brief description of the working method and what CG Baits stands for:

  • Good interaction between fishermen and CG Baits in the product area.
  • CG Baits is open to feedback and where possible to improve the products.
  • Flexible usable bait with great results.
  • CG Baits knows which bait or combinations work best under which circumstances, so that the bait can be used in a targeted manner.
  • When stored in a dark and cool place, CG boilies can be kept outside the freezer for 3 months. A perfect solution for trips abroad or longer sessions.
  • The boilies can be frozen like any freezer bait to extend the shelf life.
  • Last but not least a favorable price. Not only measured in price quality ratio, because bait quality is an absolute must! Top quality at a very pleasant price!
Chris and Gwen

Chris has been fishing for carp since he was a little boy of 7 years old. In 1988 he started to develop his own bait. This led to him being asked by Premier Baits in 1989 to supply some raw materials. After this he, among other things, as a freelance developer, gave the pass for the bait range of JRC. In 1992 he started Octopusbaits for himself. A wholesaler of raw materials and ingredients for both the Netherlands and abroad and with the private sale of its own boilies on a small scale. Octopusbaits was given the new name Watersense in 2007 and started to run very well. Because he wanted to stay busy with bait as a hobby, he sold Watersense in 2011. But the blood was crawling where it can’t go and so he and his wife started CG Baits. He has been involved with Team Frank Warwick. He would like to continue to share his knowledge and experience through CG Baits. In recent years, CG Baits’ bait has also proven itself in competition fishing. For example, our bait has been high on the JRC Supercup in France for 3 years in a row and has proven itself repeatedly. Our team member Marc recently won first prize 3x in a row in Italy.

Chris Gabriele and Gwendola Piek

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